Montepino adds a new logistics building in San Fernando de Henares, representing an investment of €8.8 million

The new platform has been completed following seven months of construction

With a built-up surface area of almost 8000 m2 on a plot of land covering 16,500 m2, this cross-docking logistics building has been awarded a LEED GOLD certification in official recognition of the platform's sustainability and efficiency

Madrid,10th June 2021

Montepino Logística, one of the largest logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, has added a new building to its portfolio. This new logistics platform is located at Avenida Astronomía 41 in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and represents an investment of €8.8 million.

The platform, now complete following seven months of construction works, occupies a working surface area of 7931.31 m2 on an area of land covering 16,492.26 m2 and is to be used as a cross-docking platform. All logistical units will be in transit and therefore it will not be used to store goods.

The platform has been awarded a LEED GOLD certification following implementation of a series of measures promoting the building's sustainability and encouraging efficient vehicle use, with the creation of two parking spaces for electric vehicles, four for low-emission vehicles and four for shared vehicles. Its offices have also been awarded energy qualification A, and the building has been designed using low-emission products in its construction as well as highly reflective materials to reduce the heat-island effect.

The project stands out for its use of sunlight thanks to the installation of windows in the loading bays, of which it has 21 for light lorries and another 21 for vans. In total, 7% of its roof surface consists of polycarbonate skylights.

n addition to the platform's use of natural light, measures have been implemented to reduce its consumption of electrical energy, with a photovoltaic plant with an output of 106.56 kWp for energy self-supply installed on the roof of an industrial unit. The building also has a general shutdown system for it lighting and a KNX system linked to photoelectric sensors to regulate the consumption of electrical light used in addition to natural light.

Furthermore, measures were taken during construction to reduce the use of water, introducing plants which need very little water and adding efficient watering systems and humidity sensors. In terms of water consumption, measures have also been developed to reduce usage inside the building, through the choice of sanitary installations that guarantee a water saving of 45%.

All types of energy consumption will be monitored so that corrective measures can be taken if necessary. The technology installed in the building also allows ventilation to be controlled, with CO2 probes in busy areas and airlocks to maintain high inside air quality.

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