Sustainability is at the forefront of MONTEPINO’s approach to business. The company is driving the need to increase both awareness and knowledge about the performance of development activities, as well as the subsequent use of the buildings. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue, and companies such as Montepino must work to raise awareness among all occupiers/tenants as in the past they have not always been very aware of this subject. We must therefore work together with existing and potential tenants to find balanced solutions.

As there is no single definition of sustainability, we use classification standards that prioritise aspects such as: location, biodiversity and habitat, use of public or alternative transport, efficient use of water and energy, erosion and sedimentation plans during construction to contribute to pollution prevention, material sourcing selection combined with sustainable procurement and the quality of the interior space in particular, and inside air quality in any regularly occupied spaces.

All these categories are quantifiable and easily recognisable, both by tenants who require high-quality spaces and landlords who are keen to attract that kind of tenant. We are also aware of the potential savings to be made on service charge expenses, always arising as a result of the awareness and application of the company’s ESG measures.

MONTEPINO is uniquely positioned to continue to construct high-quality buildings that maximise supply chain efficiency and help meet the growth needs of our current and future clients in the most sustainable way. In addition, MONTEPINO places a special focus on occupant satisfaction within its buildings. We are working to advance buildings towards holistic approaches in line with the latest standards, encompassing both respect for the environment and better health and well-being outcomes; spaces that boost employee productivity, engagement and retention.

MONTEPINO’s ESG Policy Statement reflects MONTEPINO’s overarching commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of its business. It is underpinned by MONTEPINO’s core values and stated mission to “shape the development of the logistics industry by harnessing the power of our platform and team to drive value for our customers and make a difference in the broader community.”

MONTEPINO seeks to minimise real-estate asset risk by achieving recognition from international sustainable and wellness certification programmes. The entire Logistics portfolio is registered under the LEED programme, and MONTEPINO is also serving as a pioneer in the real-estate market with the WELL certification. The company is aiming to certify its entire portfolio of logistics platforms with LEED within the next two years. By the end of 2019, MONTEPINO had already achieved certification for 65% of its portfolio.

This policy will provide a clear leadership position on ESG-related issues, achieve consensus across MONTEPINO’s business and create a common understanding of MONTEPINO’s ESG principles.



MONTEPINO’s ESG policy applies to all its facilities. Its objective is to create a more resilient portfolio overall by ensuring that all MONTEPINO’s new buildings comply with its ESG requirements, while adopting a continual improvement strategy for its existing assets.


MONTEPINO believes that an integrated ESG approach will deliver the best results for MONTEPINO and its shareholders.

- Ethics and corporate integrity

MONTEPINO maintains a zero-corruption policy across all its operations and takes an active role in instilling a culture of business integrity and ethical values. Governance best practices reflect its management’s responsibility to promote a corporate governance structure that is responsive to stakeholders by addressing issues such as committee structures and roles, the ethical code and conflicts of interest. Strict written policies detailing the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics underpin this commitment, with which all employees are required to comply.

- Embeding ESG risks and opportunities into decision-making

MONTEPINO is firmly committed to managing its activities so as to provide the highest level of protection to the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, customers and communities. MONTEPINO is committed to ensuring that material ESG risks and opportunities are built into investment research and screening, the selection of investments and portfolio management.

- Engaging proactively with stakeholders

Proactive stakeholder engagement allows MONTEPINO to understand and respond to local and emerging risks and opportunities in the communities in which it operates. MONTEPINO believes that this is key to being a dynamic business and central to developing long-term value creation.

- Taking the lead in building better communities

As part of MONTEPINO’s commitment to continuous improvement, it will contribute positively to the debate on green buildings and wider sustainable development by sharing knowledge with its peers and learning from others, while making a positive contribution in its communities.

- Inclusion and diversity: attracting and retaining talented, motivated employess

MONTEPINO is focused on creating an environment that attracts, develops and retains the best available talent, in which all employees are engaged and comfortable expressing their individuality regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs or physical ability. MONTEPINO creates comprehensive training initiatives and a positive work environment that support individual growth and development and promote a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle. As part of its cultural values, MONTEPINO seeks to identify talents both internally and externally and to develop its talent pipeline for succession planning at all levels of the company.

- Building sustainably certified developments

MONTEPINO will aim to exceed national and local environmental standards relating to its operations and protect or enhance biodiversity through its Sustainability strategy, addressing resilience to climate change and reducing carbon emissions, waste and the use of energy and water, which can be measured, mitigated and reported through established protocols.

MONTEPINO is committed to developing and implementing high-performing processes which meet or are capable of meeting recognised certification standards.

- Driving performance through evidence

MONTEPINO recognises that building accountability and transparency relies on robust and defensible data metrics. MONTEPINO is committed to implementing the necessary performance and data management systems and processes that support its ESG Policy objectives.

- Promoting energy efficiency and renewables

Energy efficiency is fundamental to MONTEPINO’s design and operations, and MONTEPINO is committed to optimising its energy use in both existing and new developments. With proven expertise in the solar industry, we can provide cost-effective solutions so you can make the most of opportunities across the globe and grow your business. As the continued supply of energy is an increasing concern, MONTEPINO will continue to promote the use of renewable energy in its local communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

MONTEPINO commits to reviewing this Policy Statement on an annual basis as its business continues to grow.