Potable water is a valued natural resource, and therefore Montepino carries out water efficiency procedures with the aim of reducing water consumption and environmental impacts related to water use, as well as controlling the wastewater from our buildings to ensure that potable water does not become dirty or contaminated by the activities carried out in our buildings.

Montepino’s Water Efficiency policy tackles water use in a holistic manner, looking at indoor use, outdoor use and specialised uses. All of these uses and also wastewater are metered to avoid the loss of clean, potable water.

These policies are based on an “efficiency first” approach to water conservation. As a result, each water strategy regarding building design and operation looks at water efficiency and reductions in potable water use.

Non-potable and alternative sources of water are also considered at the design stage, according to the guidelines of the LEED certification, which pursues the same targets. As a result, Montepino has decided to certify its entire portfolio under the LEED programme.

The commissioning of water facilities is required after construction is complete, and enhanced commissioning is then agreed upon with the tenant once the client has begun to use the building. This is included upon in the Rental Contract signed by the LEASEE and MONTEPINO.

Montepino upholds an agreement with tenants to control the use of water in its Logistics portfolio. The agreement consists of tracking water consumption with the aim of analysing any potential water savings. At least two water subsystems are also provided for each asset to manage water for different uses, such as indoor plumbing, irrigation or domestic hot water.


Outdoor Water Use Reduction

A reduction in the project’s required use of water in landscaping of at least 50% from the calculated baseline for the site’s peak watering month.

Indoor Water Use Reduction

All water fixtures and fittings in the building will have efficiency parameters, meaning that all newly installed toilets, urinals, taps and showerheads will be WaterSense labelled (or the local equivalent) and flow will be limited per use, reaching a minimum saving of 45%.

Building-Level Water Metering

To support water management and identify opportunities for additional water savings by tracking water consumption, Montepino has installed permanent water meters that measure the total potable water use for the building and associated grounds. Data from the meters is compiled into monthly and annual summaries, allowing the analysis of anomalous situations.


Compliance with this policy will be the responsibility of Montepino, as owner of the building, through the building management team.


Inspect all existing fittings or fixtures to ensure they are operating correctly. Make any repairs needed to bring all fixtures into good working order or permanently turn off the water supply to non-functional units.

Prior to any plumbing renovations in the building, the project management team, the building management team and the building owner will review fixture and appliance manufacturer data and specifications in compliance with this policy prior to purchase and installation within any building.


The implementation of this policy will be assessed annually to verify compliance.